For years of hard workship in this industry, the company has successfully gained trust from its customer. Its services are continuously rated as prompt, friendly and professional. We emphasize the quality of services that is delivered to customers. We aim to assist with even more of your project, from creation to completion!

Industry Leading CNC CO2 Laser Cutting Machines

By offering an array of production services, Lasertec is fully equipped to handle any production run, from small quantities to high volume production. All client work is professionally produced using one of our industry leading lasers. With a minimum order quantity, we can offer one offs or prototypes, as well as full production services.

Standard Rate Card and Quotations

Provide us vector drawings and details of materials and quantities required and we will quote your project accurately at any reasonable price point. If unsure about the laser process, check our website, or discuss with us directly.

Design Consultation and Drawing Service

Our drawing resources will explain what type of drawings are required for laser work with proper guidance. Our design team is able to perform various kind of drawings: Autocad, Adobe PDFs, hand drawn sketches, templates, scanned drawings or photographs. For custom designs, let us know, we can quote for preparing your drawings.

Quick Turnaround Cutting Services

Standard turnaround takes up to 3 working days, we always perform feasibility studies and prototype development with an exceptionally quick turnaround. So send your designs in without delay and we’ll do our best to fit you in.

Post Improvement and Adjustment

Lasertec keeps customers appraised of new and safety cutting processing and provide services to implemnt necessary or desirable changes. A true laser cutting service provider have a strong focus on customer satisfaction and servicing clients throughout the country.

Our Laser Cutting Service on Materials